Conditions for driving a boat

To operate a boat with more than six horses, you must obtain a boat licence. To acquire it, an individual must be admitted to a theoretical examination and, sometimes, to a sensitive examination. The exercise is not simple. Discover : . Between boaters, fishing boats, pleasure craft and merchant ships, the ocean is for everyone. To organise the free movement of maritime navigation and the safety of persons on board, the navigation code summarises the essential rules.

Sea permits

The coastal licence, which is part of this offshore licence, is also a licence for the sea. It is intended for sailors wishing to sail day and night by boat, with a total power of more than 4.5 kW (6 hp). Unlike the nautical chart, the coastal licence allows the navigation of vessels equipped with engines greater than 37 kW (50 hp). This so-called "coastal" permit is intended for local navigation. It only allows navigation within a maximum of 6 km per refuge. The offshore licence, also called an offshore extension, is part of this coastal licence for the sea licence. Contact charter broker for more informations. The route, with no restrictions on electricity, no restrictions on the length of the ship and, above all, no restrictions on the disposal of a shelter. Obtaining it implies having the coastal permit beforehand.

The withdrawal of the boat licence

The vessel's licence may be withdrawn permanently or permanently. In the event of permanent withdrawal, it will be necessary to wait three weeks before being able to apply again to be eligible for the boat licence. Navigation at sea is exposed to a number of principles and traditions that are learned through licensing, codified and included in a variety of books. Their knowledge and supervision are necessary during any voyage at sea. The safety and responsibility of boaters are at stake.

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