Do a first flight

Discover our regions of the sky, feel the adrenaline and the senses of a helicopter trip, that's what awaits you throughout our flight. With our many bases located in France, all you have to do is choose your departure place and let your pilot guide you. Discover : . A journey through the air that will delight young and old alike!

Make a very fast fighter flight

Make your first flight! This experience is no longer just for the elite of fighter pilots. We suggest you get into the cockpit of a real fighter plane and make your first trip for a thrill trip of 45mn, 30mn or 60mn. For a trial lesson helicopter contact a professionnal. This experience will bring you the senses of a fighter pilot and emotions that you will not soon forget! We have selected our partners for the quality of their solutions and their visibility. Experience a unique adventure aboard a fighter aircraft. Hurry to more than 300 km / h and enjoy the sensations offered in aerobatics and variable load. This experience is for the elite of fighter pilots. Nowadays, we suggest you make your flight to France and climb into the cockpit of a fighter aircraft.

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