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Marineland is the biggest park of Europe, it is on the Antibes. When you plan to visit this park, you have to take two days and you will be satisfied. You know that there is more than a simple visit of a aquatic animal on this place. We have to tell you another adventures.

A Netflix Adventure on 5D

Marineland offers to everyone another vision of this world of marine animals through a film in a dynamic cinema entitled Arctic one on reality augmented position. Those who had already pass his thanksgiving on tha Antibes have chances to appreciate this movies. A trip through the North Pole and the South Pole, in contact with marine animals and aboard a new type of vessel designed for polar exploration. It is both an animation and a sensitization film about species conservation. You can appreciate the movies by the auditorium with his 132 seats, just under the big bassin’s of orcs. Don’t worry because the price is already included in the marineland ticket that you can just clic here to get now.

Marineland is all Côte d’Azur

Marineland propose you also another adventure on his Gulf Adventure. The exceptional setting of Adventure Golf offers three 18 holes courses inspired by the adventures of Jules Verne. His shop is also open for the days and opening hours of the park. There is also a snaking Golf and a game playing room on this park. You can have more pleasure at the Aquasplash. Enjoy the attractions and entertainment as much as you want and join the VIP area or appreciate the Rainbow Cannon by started on the top of this big toboggan to splash and traversing 12.5 meters back down to the earth. The kid’s Island is also magnificient by discovering savage animals, or celebrating an unforgettable birthday on a special area. You can also have a trip on the back of a poney, or just do have a Playmobil company, face painting and so else.

Marineland is open during the year and each people will be satisfied by its level categories of animations.

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