Preparing your boat for winter

The days are getting shorter, the air is milder, the end of the holidays is approaching, you have to face the facts, summer is over. More informations : . For most of us, it's time to prepare your boat for the long winter months. an essential step for a peaceful winter and easy recovery. your boat on its trailer or moored, don't throw yourself on the water hose to rinse everything. There are different operations to do before the big cleaning.

Protect your boat and equipment

Many equipment not integrated into the boat could inadvertently "disappear" during the winter. Don't take any risks and take with you your sports equipment, portable electronic equipment and safety equipment yacht activites. Take this opportunity to check their expiry date before rinsing and storing them in a dry place. The wintering of your engine is a little refurbished every year. Fresh water rinsing, oil and petrol/diesel draining, oil and fuel filter changes, water pump turbine, accessible anodes, engine block lubrication and screw lubrication. Winterization is essential to ensure that your engine continues to serve you faithfully for many seasons. For batteries, the best solution is to unload them and store them in a place protected from humidity and have the possibility to recharge them. If you cannot unload them, it is advisable to check and recharge them once a month. Finally, for cleaning, a little elbow grease, suitable products, preferably ecological, this is the recipe for effective cleaning. Everything must pass: deck, console, cushions, halyards, inside and outside your boat.

The different types of wintering

There are two types of procedures that differ depending on how the boat is stored: floating and dry wintering. Ideally, dry sheltered in a garage or shed remains the most appropriate solution to overcome winter without a hitch. Winterization is a series of measures concerning the equipment and the boat itself: the engine, air conditioning, generator, brine pump, heating, waste water system, drinking water system, washing machine, etc. This work can be done by the owner himself or entrusted to a professional site for more serenity.

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