Sailing around the world

In the past, only government-funded explorers traveled around the world. But today, everyone can do it, even teenagers! Knowing the cost, the risks and how to plan your trip, that's what will make the difference between the trip you will succeed and the one you have to give up.

How to sail around the world?

Review various crew-training courses and find a link between your skillset and crew jobs. You should have qualifications like Steward/ess, Engineering, interior Training… this qualification will permit you to sail without certain inconveniencies.

Learn with an experience sailor

Are on a rush to get on a sailboat? Would you prefer to skip the qualifications and head straight for the experiential side of sailing? If so get in touch with sailors that are currently making their way around the world and offer to volunteer your time. Approach a boat owner and explain your desire to work by his side as a volunteer, any relevant skillsets and availability.

Embark on a friend's boat

Sometimes, those who already spend their lives browsing simply want a little company. If you're lucky, you can find someone you trust who can help you navigate for free, because he thinks you're friendly. It will not be all the time, but would not he want a little company for a few months? You can help as needed, of course.

Research the regions in which you will navigate

Do careful research on all areas where you plan to stop before deciding to stop there. Make sure you consider security and expenses. How much does it cost to stop in the harbor? What does infrastructure and government look like? In the best case, what can happen to you?

Go gradually

You might actually want to concentrate on one are, like the Caribbean for a lot of people. Diving into the culture more, maybe learning a bit of the language and you will definitely save yourself some money.

Safety accessories and equipment

If you wish to save money, buy the safety equipment you need. There are obvious things like life rafts and EPIRB but it is up for your ship. You don’t need every whiz bang gadget that is out there, get what you need and learn how to use it.

The respect of all the mentioned above will make your sail around the world an unforgettable one. Discover the other side of the world by acquiring a boat by now and try the experience with just a click here.

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