Ways of aventuring around Greece

Mykonos Island is one of the most widely held Greek islands and it belongs to the Cyclades island group. Many yacht and vacations chartered from Samboat arrives Mykonos in Greece almost every day all over summer. This creates a multicultural atmosphere. Things not to miss on the island is the remarkable beaches on the south, the sunset from little Venice, the sight from the windmills and evening out in Mykonos.


Mykonos has hotels of every type to satisfy each and everyone’s needs. Most of the hotels are dispersed in the town. Many luxuries suites, spa possibilities and boutique hotels are also found there. In these luxuries hotel you can find open Jacuzzi, bodyworks, and other fashionable conveniences.

Little Venice sunset cruise

Watch a spectacular sunset above the Aegean Sea on the amazing cruise off Mykonos. The houses of the little Venice district from the water and see the ruins of Delos Island. The activity last between one to two hours. Many people gather to watch the sunset and begin the evening’s entertainment. Drop the new caster between the island of Delos and Rhenia and see the ruins of the ancient playhouse and old harbor.

A boat trip to Delos

Pick a trip back in the time on the island of Delos. Discover the archeological location with a guide and marvel at remarkably fresh-looking memorials. The activity can last up to four hours. This time permits you to enjoy the site satisfactorily. The pick-up time depends on the hotel in which you settled. According to a myth, Delos is the town where god Apollo was born. A large asylum was devoted to the idol. Today it is a great archeological site and boat trips leave from the town to Delos during summer.

Appreciate the beautiful view from Armenistis Lighthouse

It is situated on the north western tip of the island. You will simply notice Armenistis lighthouse because of its height –it is 19 meters tall. It has a picturesque attraction offering great visions to the Aegean Sea. You can notice the bordering background of the Tino’s island. The light house is 7KM away from Mykonos town and you can get there by car. You can relax at the countless bars and cafés directly on the shores.

Mykonos is the perfect island to see people and to be seen, to relax and to and party hard, to step on virgin beaches or crowded ones and enjoy the undeniably tasty Greek virtues. In other torent a boat mykonos, just contact for an effective service.

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