Please take note of the insurance policy

An insurance policy is a contract on which the insurer inscribes all conditions of its obligations with respect to the insured. In a way, it is a material proof of the agreement between the two parties. It contains general clauses specific to the insurance establishment for a risk or a set of risks.

What you should find in an insurance policy?

Since the risk insurance contract is referred to as an insurance contract, the insurance company agrees to take on a contingent claim as defined in consideration for the premium. The policy highlights four points:

  • Covered events, together with possible referrals;
  • the insurance itself, showing the insurance's assistance to the insured;
  • the responsibilities of the insured, namely preventive measures to reduce the threat of loss, time limits for claims, the sum representing the premium and its payment methods, the possibilities for cancellation of the policy;
  • the obligations of the insurer. The latter is obliged to respect payment periods in the event of compensation.

Subsequent and additional agreements are referred to as "endorsements". If you wanted to know more about the insurance policy, read this. You can also ask the insurer of your choice about this document.

The insurance policy number

After taking out insurance, you should normally get a contract number attached to it. This is somehow a contract code and some other proof that you are insured. In some cases, this policy number may be required to prove that you are actually the holder of a contract, particularly in the case of compulsory insurance (eg vehicle insurance). It is also asked during a school trip to prove that children are covered by an insurance company. In the event that you are a tenant, your landlord may also request it to certify obtaining home insurance. In addition to the contract, the insurance certificate, the notice of expiry and the green card placed on the windscreen of your vehicle. You can also have it by phone by calling your insurer.

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